BBQ Catering Service

Larid's Butcher Shop and BBQ provides an established, well-regarded BBQ Catering service. We specialize in Santa Maria Style BBQ - seasoned meats, grilled over an open wood fired BBQ pit. All the items listed on our memu are prepared onsite, just in time to head out to your location. Our BBQ trailer arrives at your site and is fired-up to cook Tri-tips, Chicken, Sausges, Chili Beans and Garlic Bread.
"excpetional ingredients
with minimal interference
speak for themselves
We have many years of experience catering large and small events in company, public and private settings throughout the greater So CA region. Call us today to discuss your next catering event.

We participate annually in the Santa Paula Rotary Club Pumpkin Patch held all weekends in October, and the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce Moonlite at the Ranch scheduled each year in September.

Cookin' It Up


Our Traditional Catering Menu

Homemade: Sausages,
Chili Beans,
Garlic Bread,
Fresh Green Salad with our own Ranch Dressing,
& Potato Salad

*Menu can be customized

Eatin' It Up