All Natural Beef

Laird's All Natural beef products are graded choice or higher by the USDA. Our provider, Harris Ranch produces the finest quality beef available.
" mouthwatering tri-tip
Our signature beef item is our Tri-Tip roasts. We ensure our meat case is stocked daily with a full selection of Tri-Tip roasts. Each roast is inspected, trimmed and seasoned to perfect specifications to ensure consistent flavor. Pick one up today and you will see why we are the county's tri-tip destination! Don't forget to visit our BBQ Catering page to learn how these delicious roasts can be a centerpiece at your next entertainment venue!
We also carry a large assortment of steaks that great on the BBQ. Our steaks are aged 14 days or more and can be cut to customer specifications. Customers can choose from Rib Eye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin, New York and Filet Mignon.

Ground Beef

Are you concerned about the quality and safety of the ground beef you consume? At Laird's we make our own ground beef from beef so you can be sure it's safe and top quality. Truthfully, we add a little fat too, but you wouldn't like it without it. :)

Prime Rib

Our prime rib roasts are an excellent choice for any holiday or special event. Each roast is perfectly seasoned and we include flawless cooking instructions with each package. Demand is high in December so it's best place your order in advance.

Special Orders

We are not afraid of special orders. If you don't see what you want, ask us. There is a good chance we will know exactly what you want and will be happy to track it down.