Our unique line of fresh homemade sausages not available anywhere else in the world! All of our sausages are custom blended onsite using the finest ingredients starting with our own ground pork, chicken, beef and turkey,
" unforgetable flavor
and then hand-stuffed into natural casings. Some are spicy hot (Jalepeno Chipotle), others simply burst with flavor (Baja Chicken). Grilling sausages on a BBQ creates a distictive flavor that will keep you comin' back for more. Grilled homemade sausages are featured in our BBQ catering menu.
Our homemade Chorizo sausage, sold in bulk, is so good even local restaurants buy it!

Sausage Connisseurs

We have been making sausage for many years but think there is always room for more. We frequently experient with new flavor combinations that result in a whole new product line.

Current Selection

Jalapeno Chipotle, Spicy Turkey, Italian - Hot and Sweet, Baja Chicken, Chicken Breast with Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, Andouille, Chorizo (bulk)

Keeping Up with Demand

Each batch of sausage takes almost an hour to prepare. Multiply 10 different varieties, each taking an hour, and made multiple times a week ..... that's alot of time and can make it challenging to keep up the pace!